Lessons and coaching


Addressing the Technicalities: coaching

Got a specific technical issue that you need to address, but don’t have a regular teacher to ask? I can help. £30 for an initial 40minute assessment and lesson (which may well deal with the problem), and £20 per session afterwards. In person or via Skype. We will agree how many extra sessions you will need at the initial assessment – if any are needed at all.

Learning how to learn: practice boot camp

Been told to practice, but not sure how to go about it? This series of sessions will give you advice about how to go about practicing so that you are effective AND have fun. Four 30 minute sessions, with unlimited email/telephone backup. £100. In person or via Skype.



The straight-down-the-line option for people who just want to learn the recorder, or work on playing it better. £18 for a half hour lesson in person or on Skype. If you book a block of 6 lessons in advance, you get one lesson free – only £90.


Play more, Do less. Alexander Technique for recorder players.

Already got a teacher, but wanting to work on issues of ease and efficiency? This is where the Alexander Technique comes in. I will give you recorder-specific lessons to help you play more fluidly with less muscular and mental effort. £150 for 6 sessions of up to 40 minutes, with unlimited email/telephone backup and bonus handouts to read.