Recorder lessons and performance coaching to help you play fluently, freely and fabulously

Close-up of Jennifer. She has long dark hair, is wearing a blue blouse, and is holding two recorders.

I’m Jennifer. I’m a recorder player and teacher based in Bristol UK. I give recorder lessons not just in Bristol, but via Zoom to anywhere in the world. I also teach Alexander Technique, and I can help you learn how to manage and overcome performance anxiety.

Playing music is a fantastic life skill. There’s plenty of evidence out there that music lessons can enhance your physical and mental health, that it boosts your creativity, and that it aids brain development in children. It’s a tremendous force for good. Engaging in music is fun, boosts your confidence, and gives you opportunities to meet new people. 

No matter where you are in your musical journey, I can help you to discover new skills and enrich your experience.

Why recorder lessons?

If you’re a beginner, the recorder is a great instrument to begin (or resume) your musical life. There is a relatively low starting cost for a decent quality student instrument, and it’s relatively simple to create a decent initial sound. There are also lots of good opportunities to play with others via local societies like the UK’s U3A or the Society of Recorder Players.

If you’ve got some experience, you’ll know just how wonderful the recorder is. You’ll also know that, like any musical instrument, it takes practice and technical skill to play it really beautifully. I can help you work on the skills you need to make a truly lovely sound.

You may wish to work towards taking exams. If so, I can guide you through  the ABRSM,  Trinity or LCM  syllabus. However, you don’t need to go down the exam route in order to improve. I can help you set music goals and a path towards reaching them.

Why me?

I’m not just a recorder player and teacher; I’m an Alexander Technique teacher. You have the benefit not just of my years of musical experience, but my training as a movement specialist. You can be confident that you’ll be playing musically, and with good technique. You may even find that the bodily ease you enjoy while playing starts to bleed into other areas of your life – your office chair might become comfier!

I offer a no-obligation trial lesson for £18 in which we can meet, discuss aims and goals, and see if we suit each other. Email or phone to book.